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Spring and Summer Projects

Is your property located within the Village of Lancaster’s Local Historic District? You can visit our website, to view the map or listing of properties within the district if you are unsure. Are you planning on making any exterior alterations to your property? If so, you may be required to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) through the Village of Lancaster Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

Does the type of work you are proposing include:

• exterior alteration, restoration, reconstruction, demolition

• exterior new construction

• material change in the appearance of a property

• light fixtures

• signs (permanent OR temporary)

• sidewalks or paving

• fences

• steps

• other exterior elements visible from a public street or alley?

If so, or if you aren’t sure, you’ll want to reach out to the Historic Preservation Commission. If you aren’t sure if your project will require HPC approval, e-mail the HPC describing the project for more information at

If you aren’t sure what is appropriate as far as alterations within the historic district – be sure to check out our Design Guidelines, Signage Guidelines & Mural Guidelines on our website.

The building season will be upon us before you know it – make sure you get the required approvals before you get started!

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